Why Thailand is the Perfect Honeymoon Destination.

Since my days as a retail travel agent, I’ve touted Thailand as the perfect honeymoon destination. Time and again, engaged couples would sit at my desk looking for something beyond your typical Caribbean honeymoon. “How about Thailand?” I’d say,”It has everything.” And it does. The variety of experiences available in Thailand is impressive, from the most amazing beaches and vibrant cities to exciting jungle opportunities and the diverse customs in the northern mountain regions. Newlyweds would return to tell me stories from their unforgettable start to wedded bliss. As I begin to think about my own honeymoon later this year, Thailand is at the top of my list.  Here’s a quick look at some of the possibilities available for the perfect honeymoon in Thailand:

First stop, Bangkok. Relieve the stress of the big day upon your arrival in Bangkok with a night on the town at world class restaurants and energetic nightclubs. You’ll be greeted by the smiles of the friendly locals as you haggle the markets, discover ancient temples and explore the city by tuk tuk, a ride you’ll laugh about forever.


Next up, Chang Mai. A charming city with a fantastic food culture, Chang Mai is a great city to just go with the flow and maybe take a Thai cooking class. But just outside the city is a life changing opportunity. In the years to come, you’ll have many wonderful experiences as a couple and sure to be one of the great ones is your time spent at an elephant sanctuary. Whether a day visit or extended stay, you are sure to find these magnificent creatures inspirational as you observe the valued friendships they create, the level of trust and care instilled in each other and the playfulness and teasing they share. A truly remarkable experience for honeymooners or anyone!
©Ernie & Katy Newton Lawley

Finally, Beach Bumming! And now just some time to decompress and enjoy relaxing days on the beach. Thailand offers numerous idyllic islands with incredible resorts. Depending on your surfside interests, the most popular  islands are Phuket and Koh Samui. Have fun in the sun as you look back at the extraordinary adventure you have shared.

For those seeking a truly unforgettable honeymoon, Thailand offers so much. With a few extras days, I would add the mountainous Chang Rai area to spend time with the hill tribes or island hop amongst the many beach islands. The beauty of Thailand is that really offers anything one can ask for! Who’s been to Thailand, honeymoon or otherwise?

Originally posted to Wendy Wu Tours travel blog 3/12/2015 by Katrina Debono