Kate Approved: Where do you want to travel next

First, here come the excuses; you are too old, you have a mobility issue, and you don’t have the flexibility you used to have with food or time change?  Pick one or all of the above for an answer.

Now, some advice:  it’s time to get moving and do the things you’ve always wanted to do but put off for a multitude of reasons.  Can you travel the way you used to?  Maybe not, but I’m going to share with you the things I can still do; some challenging and some I couldn’t do without my favorite traveling companion, Tony.  Mobility issues; age; medical conditions – yup – all of those things have not stopped me from continuing to travel the world and encouraging others to do the same.

Not long after I turned 50, I had a stroke that left me paralyzed on the right side. I had so many things to learn, I didn’t even think about whether I’d ever travel; I  couldn’t even walk!   After learning to walk again with the help of a brace and cane, re-learning how to type and drive, I’ve gone on to found two travel companies, earned a Certified Travel Counselor, earned a specialist designation in Special Interest Travel and traveled extensively throughout Asia.  I have visited 27 countries in the years since my stroke.

This blog is called “Kate Approved” because last year I traveled to a province in China that didn’t have many Western tourists.  The Sandong Province is truly an undiscovered gem and I was invited to look at the things the province needed to do to increase Western tourism.  If you have ever visited Asia, you know that one of the obstacles is the Asian-style toilets or “squatty potties”.  Now this Asian-style toilet presents many challenges to a Western tourist but a host of additional challenges for me.  Sorry no further details to be shared – use your imagination.  When our little group would find a Western-style toilet, that site would be named “Kate Approved”.  So “Kate Approved” became my mantra for places you can visit as a with mobility issues.

This blog will talk about things I’ve done as a person with “issues” that may deter others to travel and fulfill life-long dreams.  I know this can be done because I’ve done it!  Come along for the journey and I share some of the experiences I’ve encountered along the way.


We all have ability. The difference is how we use it.
Stevie Wonder,
singer and songwriter