Kate Approved: I Made a Mistake…

Yep, even a travel professional can make a mistake and this was truly my mistake.

On our last cruise vacation, we arrived in Miami this night before the cruise departed.  So far, so good.  It was an early evening flight, so we didn’t arrive at the hotel until almost 9 PM and this was the first mistake.  Upon arrival, the clerk informed us our room had been upgraded.  My response was “I need an accessible room, is the upgraded room accessible”.  No problem.  Second try “does the bathroom has bars in the shower, a raised toilet and bars” and upon reflection, the desk clerk said, “yes, there are bars in the shower” – or at least that’s what I heard.

My biggest mistake was walking into the room and not checking the bathroom immediately.  So I didn’t see that the toilet was not a raised toilet, there were no bars close to the toilet and the shower was a walk-in and had one small bar far from the shower door. Not good.  Because it was now 10 PM, I thought I could make due and decided not to go all the way back to the desk or call the front desk and change to an accessible room (if the hotel still had an accessible room left).

So learn from my mistakes. (1) Take a flight earlier in the day so it is not 9 PM while trying to deal with a hotel desk clerk and (2) always, always, always check the bathroom in the room to see if it fits your mobility limited needs.