Motherland Tours

Returning to their birth country, foreign-born adoptees have a chance to learn in their cultural heritage while sharing a special time of discovery with their families. A Motherland tour is a family-friendly tour program with an emphasis on multi-cultural families, adoption, and cultural connections.

Motherland Tours were created so that foreign-born adoptees and their families could build a tour of the adoptees birth country that can include visits to social welfare agencies, orphanages, cities or provinces where the adoptees was born and create a sightseeing program specifically for their own needs. Mainstream tours do not include these activities in their programs.

A Motherland Tour is customized to allow the adoptee and their family to determine departure dates and the length of the tour and the style of travel desired by the adoptive family. Specific tour itineraries that vary in length can be organized for adoption travel groups, family groups, extended family groups for as few as two people to as many as 30.

You can choose to visit famous well-known cities or spend a week in the adoptees’ Home Province or home town with a quick visit to one major city for sightseeing. It is your choice, plan your trip to see what you want and is the best for your family and create your own travel experience.

Motherland Tours can be organized to:


South Korea