Kate Vs. Online Travel Agency

Kate: During your initial inquiry, Kate will ask questions

What type of vacation?



What type of hotel you prefer?

• What is the vacation budget?

• Then, compile a list of possibilities based on your input


OTA: During your initial inquiry, you will

Click on “vacation packages”

• Decide if you want air, hotel and car

• Put in destination, dates and

• Pick from the hotels suggested by the results


Kate: Will Discuss

Flights available and flight options

• Package components and what is included in price

• The type of hotel you’ve requested and an independent hotel review

• Do you need a car in this destination or transfers only

• Travel Insurance; what insurance covers

• If this is what you had in mind for your vacation

Explore additional options at your request


OTA: Will

Ask you to click on what components you want included in your package. Example: transfers, insurance, excursions

• Tell you the total amount due

• Ask for your credit card for full payment


Kate: Will

Explain the deposit amount is usually the cost of the airfare plus a deposit on the hotel

• Explain when travel insurance should be paid

• Inform you of the final payment date – usually 45 – 60 days prior to departure


OTA: The price is the price.


Kate: Will try to match the price you found on an OTA

• Will answer any questions you may have about your vacation

• Will follow-up after your return